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Sunday, August 27, 2017

3DS3 Update: Special Sticker Are Better Late Than Never

While the console front is having field days with the Sony people, Namco decides to have another present campaign to keep 3DS3 relevant (at least until Taiko Switch comes up perhaps?)

The present in question this time is the very mouthful "Special Sticker from which you can get in-game item". Yes, they are stickers for you to... stick on things. Yes, they reveal QR codes which you can scan with a copy of 3DS3 to get in-game items. And as a bonus, you can also have a dandy Taiko no Tatsujin themed backing sheet after all that!

All of these could be yours starting from August 9, i.e. two weeks ago! Yes sorry but to be frank we never expect 3DS3 to still have activity up to now.

3DS3 main site details page

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